United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service Custer Gallatin National Forest

By June first we need this turned in. Help the Riders in Gallatin Keep our trails open and our Forest Assessable to all.

What We need you need to do is simple but will make a big impact.

Step 1
Open document in your text editor

Step 2
fill in Questions 1-3. These are short and this all will take only a few.
Please share stories and how you would work with the USFS. Give examples of how you would use the land and have in the past.

Step 3
Email to cgplanrevision@fs.fed.us

Or Snail Mail to

Forest Service
Attn: Forest Plan Revision

CBU - Attend the 7th Annual Trail Raiser Banquet and Fundraiser

We have 3-4 cbu trail raiser tickets for this weekend. You must be a m4x4a member are welcome to join our table please pm Destry

CBU - Attend the 7th Annual Trail Raiser Banquet and Fundraiser

From Destry

Submitted by desmvp on Sun, 04/26/2015 - 10:16.
im adding this for Michelle

Quarterly and Awards Banquet

Montana Wheeler passes in Moab. May Chris Rest In Peace.

Chris was not a member of the Montana 4x4 Association but he was a fellow wheeler and Montanan. Our most sincere condolences to his family and all who knew him.

Montana Back Roads 4x4 Club will be providing a honor procession for off roader Chris Hower who died recently in Moab, UT. The funeral will be Monday, April 13, 1 pm, at the Missoula Veteran's Cemetery on Tower Street. The more 4x4 vehicles the better....we will be lining up in the parking lot at 12:30 pm.

RSS Feed Reader and M4x4A

I have been wanting to write a how to for all my four wheeling brethren, on how to use an RSS feed reader.

What is it?
Well an RSS reader is a program that will go and fetch updated web pages.

Why would I use it?
I like using it for forums, my other favorite websites and blogs.

How dose it work, in non geek speak?


The Big Sky Four Wheeler's invite you to Snow Bash 2015 jan 31 2015

The Big Sky Four Wheeler's invite you to Snow Bash 2015



Thank you from Frontier 4x4 Club

Frontier 4x4 Club would like to express our thanks for the many veterans among our club and all of the clubs of the Montana 4x4 Association. While Frontier is just a small group of wheelers we have, among us, Air Force, Army, Marine, Navy and Coast Guard veterans. Many have combat experience. I have no doubt that all of the clubs of the M4x4A have a similar makeup. So on behalf of the members of the Frontier 4x4 Club: Thank you one and all for your service, your friendship and your comradery. Wheel safe my friends...

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