Fall has arrived!!

Fall is here!! Frontier 4x4 wants to know: Are you ready for some snow????

What are you waiting for?

A message from your friends at Frontier 4x4 Club:

OK...you spent all winter saying how you were going wheeling this summer. WELL, get to it! Time to get out on the trails people. LOL

Take a friend and WHEEL SAFE! Oh and PLEASE stay the trail or stay home.

HAPPY 4TH from Frontier 4x4

Frontier 4x4 Club remembers....

CBU - Attend the 7th Annual Trail Raiser Banquet and Fundraiser

We have 3-4 cbu trail raiser tickets for this weekend. You must be a m4x4a member are welcome to join our table please pm Destry

CBU - Attend the 7th Annual Trail Raiser Banquet and Fundraiser

From Destry

Submitted by desmvp on Sun, 04/26/2015 - 10:16.
im adding this for Michelle

Quarterly and Awards Banquet

Montana Wheeler passes in Moab. May Chris Rest In Peace.

Chris was not a member of the Montana 4x4 Association but he was a fellow wheeler and Montanan. Our most sincere condolences to his family and all who knew him.

Montana Back Roads 4x4 Club will be providing a honor procession for off roader Chris Hower who died recently in Moab, UT. The funeral will be Monday, April 13, 1 pm, at the Missoula Veteran's Cemetery on Tower Street. The more 4x4 vehicles the better....we will be lining up in the parking lot at 12:30 pm.

Frontier pics

Some pics from one of our trips
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RSS Feed Reader and M4x4A

I have been wanting to write a how to for all my four wheeling brethren, on how to use an RSS feed reader.

What is it?
Well an RSS reader is a program that will go and fetch updated web pages.

Why would I use it?
I like using it for forums, my other favorite websites and blogs.

How dose it work, in non geek speak?

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