Where does the blacktail-wild bill trail start?

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Hello my name is Dustin. I am not new to kalispell but I am new to wheeling. I bought a 1992 Jeep Cherokee with a 4 inch lift and i cut the fenders and put 32 inch tires on it and finally got my four wheel drive fixed. I want to go play now. My only problem is that i'm not sure where the blacktail ohv trail starts at up patrick creek. The only place i know is up through kila. A site for a map of the trail or someone who knows where it starts at would be very much appreciated. Thanks

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Where does the blacktail-wild bill trail start?

It does not start up patrick creek. There is likely a way to get to it from there,I am not sure about the Patrick creek area. There are currently 3 trailheads for Blacktail WildBill trail. 1 is just below the Blacktail ski area on Blacktail road. 2 is just above Kiala (you are familiar with that one) the 3rd is on the LakeMary Ronan side of the area off of USFS road 2990. If you go to the USFS and get a map of the area you can easilly find it. Or you could contact some of the members of the Big Sky Fourwheelers in Kalispell and they would likely give you a guilded tour.

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Where does the blacktail-wild bill trail start?

If you want to get to the BWB trail from Patrick Creek, you can do it, but it's not a direct route. Only go this way if you want to go for a drive on the back roads...not as a primary way to get there from Kalispell!! Laughing out loud

Route 1: Head up Patrick Creek 2962, keep following it. Keep following it. Keep following it. It turns into Emmons Creek Road 2991. Keep following it. You go below the Blacktail Ski area. Keep going. Keep going. You will hit Truman Creek Road 916. Turn left (Drunk. After 6-7 miles, you will hit Truman Saddle, and you can take a left (E) to go up the Blacktail 917A leg of the BWB trail. You can take a right (W)and go up to Eagle Junction. Go straight, and you hit 2990, and can then go west about 2 miles to start up the Upper Dayton Creek leg of the trail. From Eagle Junction, you can go left (Drunk on the Upper Dayton Creek leg, or right (N) on the Wild Bill leg.

Route 2: Same thing--follow Patrick Creek 2962 to Emmons Creek Road 2991. Take a right (N) on Truman Creek Road 916. Drive back to the wye where Wild Bill Creek Road 213 peels off of 916. Go uphill just under 3 miles and you'll hit the Wild Bill leg trailhead.

Dustin, sorry I didn't notice your post until today. We hust had a BS4W meeting last night.

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