28th Sept. Tuff Truck

Submitted by RCURRIER on Wed, 08/14/2002 - 14:29

The Bozeman Mountaineers will be hosting a Tuff Truck Competition during Octoberfest at the Gallatin Valley Fair Grounds on the 28th of Sept. Regestration starts at 9:00, racing starts at noon. We will be running across the supercross track so the corse will be very good. There is a 25$ entery fee, but we are paying back 1000$! guarenteed over 2 classes (500 for street and 500 for race).
If you pre-register entery to the fair grounds is free, otherwise you must buy a 6$ Octoberfest button. If anyone has any additional questions feel free to e-mail me at RCurrier@proagdesigns.com.

Racing at 10,000 Silver Dollars

Submitted by tsm1 on Tue, 08/06/2002 - 11:27

Hi Everybody!

Just wanted to let you know that RPM Racing is putting on a race August
17th and 18th at Lincoln's 10,000 Silver Dollar Bar in Haugan. The plan
is side by side mud drags on Saturday, real mud, not clay, and no more
than 12" deep. Great obstacle course on Sunday, about 1/2 mile long. Not
an axle breaker! $ 100.00 fast time of the day on Sunday. Let's try to
keep it away from John Alexander and Mike Reynolds! Ha! Ha!


Submitted by Jeepnut63 on Mon, 08/05/2002 - 14:21



Entry fee: $25 for car and driver

4 cyl, 6 cyl, 8 cyl, Comp Mod, X Class
Street Vehicles Welcome

Cash Payback 70% of Entry Fee

Registration: 9am ? 12
Racing starts at 1pm

Leave a message on the board or email me for more information.

Region 5 RVP Report

Submitted by tsm1 on Tue, 07/16/2002 - 05:19

Greetings from Region 5

There isn't much to report this month as everyone has been busy this summer with family activities.

On July 10th we had our monthly meeting which was held at the Lewis and Clark fairgrounds in conjunction with a club picnic. There was great food to eat thanks to our cooks and many stories told. We will be having our next trail ride on August 4th up to Leadville. We will meet at County Market at 9:00 am.

Over the 4th of July weekend, Tyler Gordon and Amanda Eslick raced in Lolo. Congratulation to Amanda who took 2nd in drags and 3rd in the obstacle. Tyler broke the throttle linkage in the drags and popped a front spindle in the obstace. I'm sure they both had a great time as well as everyone else there who participated and spectated.

-Michelle Dukleth, RVP

Skyliners July Report

Submitted by JoeRoss on Mon, 07/15/2002 - 11:01

Hi 4 wheelers,

Hope all are surviving the heat! We've done our highway clean-up before this all hit. Whew, good thing!

As for any thing else, we're planning a salad pot luck for July 21st. Joe, Rob, Frank, Preston, and a friend to Preston have been scouting out new trails for us in the upper Nine Mile area.

As some of you know from Convention, the Tribe spoke of posting "road closed" signs. Well, it has happened! Now, we're trying to find some alternatives.

Otherwise, we're quiet over here. During the summer, we've decided to hold our meetings at the lake and put together a pot luck dinner before the meeting.

I hope everyone is having a good summer and keep cool!

Mickie Sec./ RVP

Jennifer (Slagle) Johnson to prosecute bridge jumpers

Submitted by tsm1 on Fri, 07/12/2002 - 10:50

I am proud to announce that Jennifer Johnson, Missoula County Deputy Attorney the daughter of Steve and Deidre Slagle (Rimrock 4x4, Billings, MT); is the prosecuting attorney in the States case against the 7 earthfirst wacko?s that suspended themselves from a logging truck, over a bridge to protest the extraction of burnt timber from Montana?s recent fires.

June Skyliners report

Submitted by JoeRoss on Sun, 06/09/2002 - 18:57

A Skyliners Hello!

Things here are going quite well. We had a few members go to the Hot Springs Mud Bog / Obstacles over Memorial Day weekend. Congratulations to those who brought home prizes.
The trail ride was fun. The guys had a run by themselves. It was said they sure missed the women not being there. Their tail gate lunch didn't function well! This month promises to be better guys.
The rain here has made life a little soggy. We've tried to do the highway clean-up, but not successfully. We keep trying!
As some of you heard at Convention, the tribal land was going to be posted to what was open and what was closed off. Well, some of that has now started along the river corridor. The main roads are open, but some of the branch off roads have been posted "closed". So, we're going to feel the crunch. We have a couple of members that are trying to get the tribal council to hear us out, about the 4X4 club helping them or if we can do any patrolling or road repairs with them. We must keep trying and hope for the best.
We are planning a trail ride on the 23rd of June. We're going to do the power line road out of Lakeside with Uncle Vic as Captain of the day. We sure hope for some sun, or we might be the 4X4 club with pontoons and paddle tires

See ya 4 wheelers!
Mickie RVP / Sec.

May Skyliners Report

Submitted by JoeRoss on Fri, 05/17/2002 - 13:40

Hi Everyone!
Wow! Was that Convention fun for all or what? Thank you to all who attended. All the costumes were great and the race track was a hoot. I just want to say that the cooks, Fred and Sherry Hanson, did a wonderful job.
Congratulations to the costume winners:
Bob and Ann Lambert -Best couple
Leonard Nelson -Best male
Amy Johnson -Best female
Emily - Amy's Daughter -Best child
We need to mention one more costume that was good. We were told that it was not a skirt - it was a wrap! So, I think Tom Mandera should get the Burrito Award for the male that was all wrapped up!
R.C. races was won by Jason Schroeder, future son-in-law to Rob and Cindy St.Clair.
Frontier 4 Wheelers of Helena won the trail riding basket of goodies for the best picture poster contest.
Rob Zolman did a wonderful job on the photo booth. Everyone seemed to be pleased with their pictures, and I have to say, you all looked great!
The Skyliners would like to say congratulations to the state officers. You did such a good job last year and it's nice to have you here again.
Enough of Convention now. Life here is back to usual. Trail rides, some 4X4 fun, and the civic duty of highway clean up. May 18th is a run to Blacktail with a dog luck (short for hot dog pot luck). May 19th we're showing a friend of Jan's some Montana hospitality. She's from California. It's a pot luck and sure to be fun.
We had our election of officers - the same as last year.
Pres. Jan Munn
V.P. Frank Brown
Treas. Don Munn
Sec. Mickie Ross
R.V.P. Mickie Ross
Delegates Joe Ross & Preston Johnson
Alternates Jan Munn & Rob St.Clair
The Hot Springs Mud Bog looks like it's going to be fun. Some of the Skyliners are going over to show support.
We're back to trying new ways to build up our membership again with hopes of recruiting a couple more for this year.
We welcome Fred and Sherry Hanson, and Rob and Krystal Zolman, (parents to Trenton & T.J. Zolman - Mickie & Joe Ross' grand sons that most of you have already known since they were babies.) Glad to have you all in the club!
So long for now. -Mickie Ross, R.V.P.