4/13 Trail Ride

Submitted by tsm1 on Wed, 04/10/2002 - 17:05

We'll be having our monthly trail ride on Saturday, April 13th.

Meet at County Market (Montana and Cedar Street) by 9am.

Destination TBD.

Make sure your rig has anchor points and you're prepared for whatever weather we get.


Submitted by JoeRoss on Sun, 03/24/2002 - 20:10

Let's say it's 6:15 p.m. and you're driving home (alone of course), after an unusually hard day on the job. You're really tired, upset and frustrated. Suddenly you start experiencing severe pain in your chest that starts to radiate out into your arm and up into your jaw. You are only about five miles from the hospital nearest your home; unfortunately you don't know if you'll be able to make it that far.

What can you do?

_TPConvention Registration Correction

Submitted by JoeRoss on Tue, 03/05/2002 - 10:26

_TP There is a typographical error in the Forum. The cost is $16.00 per person, not per couple as shown on the registration coupon.

The Skyliner address on the Convention registration form and in the directory
is wrong. If you send in your registration, you'll probably get it back if
sent to box 292.

Skyliners 4X4 Club

712 First Street East

Polson, MT 59860

Eldorado National Forest (Rubicon, Rock Creek, and many other trails) lawsuit.

Submitted by Forplay4x4 on Thu, 02/21/2002 - 09:29

To All:
Here is the BlueRibbon Coalition press release on the Eldorado National Forest (Rubicon, Rock Creek, and many other trails) lawsuit.
Friends of the Rubicon is in the game!  Many other groups will be part of this, but for now, both BRC and Cal4wheel (CA4WDC) have set up legal funds to handle donations to the fight.  I'm in this one for the duration. 

We need you to round up support as best you can.  Tell folks this is the way to help (contributing to the Legal Action Fund), even for folks who live where travel to the Rubicon is still a dream.  Let's keep that dream alive.

Let me know if you have any questions.  Remember that FOTR is merely an informal coalition of interested folks.  So we are not a write off (for money sent to Albright Enterprises for FOTR).  You're better off right now sending money to BRC Legal Action Fund (or the Cal4 fund if you're a member and want to contribute there).

I'm very optimistic that we're going to make history with this one.
Thanks for all your support and help,
Trail Boss, Friends of the Rubicon
BlueRibbon Coalition Ambassador

Membership Application

Submitted by tsm1 on Thu, 02/14/2002 - 17:55

P.O. BOX 4715

Our membership needs to grow if we are going to have the numbers to fight the
long battle to keep trails open for all of us now and for future generations.

We have already lost many trail opportunities.

The agencies need to hear
from each and everyone of us as they truly believe that we are a minority.

The Montana Wilderness Association is touting surveys showing that motorized
trail riders only account for 10% of back-country trail users. Therefore,
they reason, motorized trail use should not be a legitimate form of back
country recreation "IN UNITY THERE IS STRENGTH".

Trail Ride Feb 24th

Submitted by tsm1 on Wed, 02/06/2002 - 23:09

Frontier will be having our trail ride on SUNDAY, February 24th. Meet at County Market at 9am in Helena (Montana and Custer Ave).

Dunno where we're going yet, but we'll know when we get there.

Bring your shovels and tow-hooks, and a CB is highly recommended.

Also - I could use help this Saturday (2/6) drywalling my garage..