Frontier 4X4 Trail Run - Park Lake

Submitted by knights7821 on Fri, 03/04/2011 - 02:41

Hello everyone, Once again it's that time for another trail ride. Meet at Murdock's parking lot at 9:00am and depart at 9:30. We'll be off to Park Lake and beyond pending on the amount of snow. Don't forget to bring your CB radio (Ch.04) and join in the sharing of local knowledge and 4x4 stories.

Swap Meet

Submitted by tsm1 on Mon, 02/28/2011 - 10:23

Bozeman Mountaineers Swap Meet will be on May 1st, the day after the Trail truck challenge. All type of motorsports enthusiasts are welcome to attend. So bring your hot rod parts, sled parts, 4x4 parts, or whatever else you have stacked in your garage that you want to get rid of. If you have any further questions call Andrew at 498-0471 or at Dark Horse Customs at 587-2944

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Nominations for 2010 M4x4A Awards are due

Submitted by tsm1 on Tue, 02/22/2011 - 23:40

Nominations for 4-Wheeler of the Year, Junior 4-Wheeler of the Year and the John Hazard Memorial

Award (for conservation) are due by March 1. At last year's convention we only recognized the 2009 4-

Wheeler of the Year, because no other nominations were received. Please take this opportunity to

recognize and honor your fellow 4-wheel drive members! Your nominations need to be sent to:

4-Wheeler of the Year – mail nominations to the following three past recipients:

• Shirleen Wheeler, 2900 3rd Ave. S., Great Falls, MT 59405

Frontier 4-Wheelers 2/13/2011 Trail ride to Nelson/Hogback

Submitted by tsm1 on Thu, 02/17/2011 - 23:34

Helena's Frontier 4 wheelers, Sunday's trail ride started in Murdock's parking lot where 14 trail rigs and a handful of guests gathered. After fueling up the rigs and grabbing some breakfast, Tom passed out plans of where our trip was taking us. We headed up through the town of York, took a left at the York Bar and proceeded north to Nelson, the "Cribbage Capital of the World" (according to the sign as you approach the small town).

Mother Nature threw a few obstacles in our way to help make the run a little more challenging. We first encountered roads coated with ice, followed by areas of fallen rocks, then trees lying across the roadway and as we gain altitude (not attitude) there was snow!

The higher we traveled the more the snow we encountered. Very few rigs were untouched by the uses of tow straps and winches. The kids in our exploration found time to enjoy some great sledding while the adults were freeing each other from obstacles Mother Nature placed before us. Thanks to Tyler Gordon's mother, Kathy, we received a tasteful pot of homemade chili during our stop for lunch. One rig had to be towed out the area while one was left for a while to cool down from a overheated transmission, The trail ride end with a burger from York Restaurant/Bar and good company, It was a Great day for wheeling!!!

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Updated - long overdue

Submitted by tsm1 on Thu, 02/17/2011 - 00:24

Your old login and password still works - if you've forgotten it, you can request a new password.

All of the photos are still in the Galleries and available.

The ~300 articles came across along with forum posts.

Still a bunch to do to bring it all back up to snuff, but there are a lot of exciting new widgets to try out.

Feel free to scream at me if you want/need to.


UFWDA e-News

Submitted by tsm1 on Wed, 02/16/2011 - 10:46

The Feb 2011 e-news is out.

Get it at UNITED

Last Call...Secretarial Order #3310 – Wild Lands
• USFS Framework for Sustainable Recreation
• Capturing Our Past
• US Forest Service proposed planning rule
• Close the Books on 2010
• BFGoodrich’s Outstanding Trails Program
• Recreational Trails Program Threatened
• UFWDA Position on Recreation Fee Areas

"Summer" 2010 4XForum posted, editor needed for future issues

Submitted by mh on Fri, 09/03/2010 - 17:24

Hi Folks,

As you’ve all probably already noticed, there has been a shortage of 4XForums in your mailbox this year. This is a direct result of my severe case of “too-much-on-my-plate-itis”.

Some major changes to my life over the last 6 months including a new venture in my business and newly acquired acreage for which to care, have dramatically affected my available free time that was previously used for 4XForum production. And the best news of all: Dawn and I are expecting our first baby in March so my already inadequate available time for 4XForum production will completely dry up.

So with all that said, I regret to inform the membership that I will be respectfully resigning my post as 4XForum editor after this issue. I feel that I have done the organization a disservice this summer by not having time to work on the Forums and getting them out to you in a timely fashion, and I don’t foresee any opportunity to regain the free time that I used to spend on this publicaiton.

I have enjoyed working with all of the people who have contributed to the 4XForum over the last nearly three years.

I sincerely hope that somebody in this fine organization can step up and pick up where I left off. I have digital archives of all of the previous issues since I took over.

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the communication within the organization.

And, here is the belated "Summer" issue of the 4XForum.

Mike Hines Jr.,
Outgoing 4XForum Editor