Racing on Gallatin Speedway

Submitted by blair on Wed, 06/29/2005 - 09:54

We have 2 dates to race on Gallatin Speedway as a seperate class the same night as the regular stock car classes on July 15th and August 19th. These events will be part of the regular race schedule and we will be billed as an exhibition class (which means we don't have to join the stock car association, the entry fee is lower and we won't get a payback.) IF we get enough trucks (more than 10), we will have 2 heats and a main event, otherwise we will have a single heat and a main. The number of laps depends on turnout and what happens as far as wrecks, cautions, etc. during the event.

All of the M4x4a safety rules apply as well as specific rules for the track. Track officials will have final say to allow our individual rigs to run, so make sure you are ready when you get there.

Door bars are required by the track. Rub rails are highly recommended. Window netting, fire extinguisher, 5 point harnesses, and protection for the fuel tank are required. Neck braces, long sleeve shirt and long pants, full toe shoes, battery tie-downs, and a dirt screen are also required.

No passengers are allowed, and all non-driver restraint systems (passenger belts) must be securely fastened to eliminate their flying around.
Tires are recommended to be either stock car style Hoosiers or equivalent, or low profile all season car tires. Aggressive mud tires are discouraged.

Gallatin Speedway is a 3/8 mile clay track with moderate banking and a good spectator area and pit seating. They also have good concessions available. On the web at

Cost is $20 for the driver and racer, and $20 for each pit person. The promoter is looking into getting trophies for us. The winner will participate in the trophy parade at the end of the night.

Spectator admission will be $8 each.

If you have any questions, please post up and I will get the answer from the appropriate source and reply.

Blair Howze
Bozeman Mountaineers