4X4 Play Ground Survey

Submitted by Forplay4x4 on Mon, 01/14/2002 - 16:05

Hello everyone.  Below is a survey that I have been asked to forward to ourmembership.  I am doing so through our delegates.  The person who created this survey is trying to open an OHV park in the East, probably in WV or MD.
Even if you don't reside in the east he would like to hear from you.  He will use this information for statistical purposes in convincing localgovernments or investors of the future of this park.

It is becoming harder and harder to use our vehicles, legally, off-road
with land closures and regulations. It is my dream to have a plot of land, dedicated to being an off-road adventure park. However, this is no small and easy
task. I need some input from fellow 4-wheel drive enthusiasts to determine what
is needed, how much it is needed, and if I can still feed my family off of
it! So, this is where I am going to ask a very big favor from you. Please
take a moment to read this questionnaire, fill it out and send it back to me. Unfortunately, I cannot provide envelopes and stamps at this time;
however, if you include your address at the bottom of the form, I will be sure to send you a thank you note and a coupon for the park, when it opens. I cannot guarantee anything at this time, but I am doing my best to provide
a playground to be enjoyed by anyone who owns a 4-wheel drive vehicle and is looking for a little adventure. The more responses I receive means a
better chance of the park becoming a reality. Thank you for your time and responding to my questions. Any comments or suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Please send responses back to P.O. Box 1539, Frederick, Md 21702-0539. E-mail @ visit4x4playgrounds@hotmail.com.

How did you receive this survey? (Who/Where/When)
What vehicle(s) do you own? (Year/Make/Model)
Version 3.2
1. Do you own a 4x4 or SUV? [Y] [N]
2. Do you know anyone who owns a 4x4 or SUV? [Y] [N]
3. Have you ever driven off-road? [Y] [N] If no, would you like to try it on a private course? [Y] [N]
4. If you own a 4x4 or SUV would you ever take it off-road? [Y] [N]
5. If you do not own one, or you would not take yours off-road, would you rent one to take on a private course? [Y] [N]
6. Would you be interested in attending a class on off-road driving? [Y] [N]
7. How far would you be willing to travel for off-road adventures? Please answer in hours _____What city do you live in? ________________________
8. Would you be willing to travel farther if lodging was available at a reasonable rate per night? And if yes, how much farther? [Y] [N] total hours_______
9. Would you be more likely to do a (please check all that apply) ___day trip? ___overnight/multiple day trip? ___weekday? or ___weekend trip?
10. What season would you be more likely to visit? ___Spring ___Summer ___Fall ___Winter ___All year
11. How many times a year would you visit the park? _____
12. If a site were available, what is the most you would be willing tospend to enter a private, legal, off-road trail park? [$10-$20] [$21-$30]
[$31-$40] [$41-$50] [$51+]
13. In your opinion, how much land is needed for an adventure park with
main trails? _______acres
14. What is you age group? [16-20] [21-30] [31-40] [41-50] [51+]
15. What is your average yearly income? [15k-25k] [26k-30k] [31k-35k]
[36k-40k] [41k-50k] [51k+]
16. What, if any, of these do you participate in? (Check all that apply) __Hiking __Camping __Watching off-road racing __Fishing __Bike riding __Archery __Target shooting __Hunting __Car shows __Bird/nature watching__Rock climbing __Snowmobiles __Cross country ski __Photography
__Motorcycling __ATV use __Other ____________________
17. Would you like more information on a possible future course? [Y] [N]
If yes, please list your name and address below. Name (Last/First) _________________________________Address
(Street)____________________________________ Address (City)_________________________________(State)_______________ (Zip-code)______________________
Phone # _______-_______-__________
18. Comments/Suggestions (continue on back of form if necessary):