September Meeting Minutes

Submitted by mh on Tue, 09/13/2005 - 13:28

September 6, 2005Vern Ball called meeting order at 6:38pm, Sonny Reed is introduced as a special guest
Secretary’s Report
Jeannie motions to accept minutes as printed on the back of the agenda, Dale seconds, motion passes.
Treasurer’s report:
-Vern stepped in while Mark’s out of town this week.
- Correspondence was passed around
- Rally bills for Sept rally presented (See Continuing Business)
- Treasurer’s report was accepted
VP Report:
- No news
RVP Report:
- Firewood trip to The Pryors on Sept 18 meet at Jans 8:30am
- Looking to plan a Swap Meet & RTI ramp event sometime in October….
Trailmaster’s report:
-Possible ride to Basin, WY either end of Sept or in Nov/Dec. Call Aaron Johnson for more info.
- Tentative trail ride Oct 1-2 to Roberts Ck area outside of Judith Gap. Contact Dale for info
- Trail ride went to Little Belts … 1st day went to Mt High, 2nd day went up to Haymaker. Wildlife (including a bear) was seen, fun was had.
- Carol will look into camping area for Morrison Jeep Trail Conservation on Sept 24. Time: 9am
Delegates Report:
- Next delegates meeting on Oct 8 in Clancy, MT.
- Racing lights are up for bid.
Committee: Sept Rally.
Lots of sponsors lined up. To get big sponsors lined up we need to get in touch with them a year in advance and to do that we need to know what we’re gonna do. Help is needed, show up by 7am for registration
Food not provided to members who are working – so if you’re working you can bring your cooler.
Dale motions that club buys 5 cases of water to provide to workers with hydration & ice to keep it cool. Mike seconds, motion passes.
Mike & DeeDee MaKousky are also guests – they came in late.
BMP – No new info.
FFOR – Ed’s not here. Ride to the slide had a great turnout of 4wd’s & ATV’s.
Goose Lake run with Petersen’s 4Wheel magazine. There was some carnage with U-joints & tires. Otherwise the weather was great… the views were great. It should be in the December or January issue of Petersens’
New members:
First: Sonny Reed, George Jordan’s (motioned by Dale/Stacey) brother-in-law.
Dale motioned to allow Sonny join, Stacey seconds Motion passed. Welcome, Sonny!
Next: Mike & DeeDee MaKousky
Roger motioned to allow Mike & DeeDee join, Stacey seconded. Motion passed. Welcome to the club!
Continuing business:
Rally bills: The bill for the toilets from the June rally was more than expected – that will be checked on before approved. Other bills presented for things like the lights, concrete & wood forms, posters, etc. Dale motions to accept Sept rally bills, Carol seconds motion passes.
Congratulations to Aaron & Jennifer who were married on the 12th of August.

Roger motions, Dale seconds to adjourn, motion passes. Adjournment at 7:38pm