Don Gordon Status 05/07/2013

Submitted by C2T on Tue, 05/07/2013 - 22:06

Here is a note I got from Kathy just a little bit ago concerning Don Gordon's status:

Just wanted to send a quick update as I know people are concerned. Maybe you can share with the 4x4 community. We are still in Great Falls Benefis Hospital. Don has several injuries that are being addressed by some of the best specialist in Montana. He has had major reconstruction on his face but it is healing well. The eye specialist is optimistic he will have recovery in his left eye. He is still undergoing tests from many doctors and keeping them all straight has been a ride like no other I am glad we are here as the care has been top notch. We hope to have a date soon when he can go home. His strength has saved his life and we are so thankful for his strong will. He just keeps saying let’s just get this rodeo over. I hope this answers some questions. thank you for your prayers.

The calls and well wishes are in the hundreds. It is humbling to know how much support is there. Please ask people to call Don's phone 459-2574/ He is really enjoying listening to well wishes on voicemail.