Pozega lake in trubble

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The road that goes through two ranches and then enters into National Forest land and on to the Pozega Lakes area for years was closed to public entry. This road closure locked up thousands upon thousands of acres of Public Land to motorized vehicle usage as well as foot or horse access. This unaccessible to the public area of National Forest land happens to be one of the better elk hunting areas in the county as well as being rich in early mining history. The Anaconda - Deer Lodge County Commission filed suit against the property owners and gained the reopening of the road in March of 2012. Now this is being challenged and the chance of it being closed again is a reality.

This route is quite scenic as well as being a challenging 4x4 route for safe and minimal impact travel. In fact it is right up there with some of the more challenging routes in Montana. It would be a shame to see this route again closed

Please take a minute and contact the Anaconda-Deer Lodge County Commission individual members. All of them, not just the one that has an available e-mail.

If you send me a copy of the e-mail or letter that you sent to one of the below listed Anaconda-Deer Lodge County Commissioners or even that you talked to one of them by phone, I will send you a free copy of the not yet published Pozega Lake Trail Guide. It will be in the same format as we used with all the trails in our book "4X4 ROUTES OF WESTERN MONTANA"

It doesn't have to be a long letter, email or phone call, just tell them that even though you do not live in Anaconda-Deer Lodge County you often visit or plan to visit the area to enjoy the camping, fishing, hunting and off highway vehicle routes available. After so many years of closure it would be a shame for the Modesty Creek road to be closed again. Thank them for their efforts in opening this long closed road and their continuing actions to keep it open.

Please contact at least one of the other commissioners via a letter or phone call, not just send an email to the one guy.

Letter can be also directed to them at. Anaconda-Deer Lodge County 800 South Main, Anaconda, MT 59711

Commissioner Kevin Hart (406) 560 7261 khart@anacondadeerlodge.mt.gov (this was the only email address that I was able to find).

Lux-Burt, Elaine Commissioner Commission (406) 563-4002

Mulvey, Patricia Commissioner Commission (406) 563-2436

Smith, Paul Commissioner Commission (406) 560-2034

Vermeire, Terry Commissioner Commission (406) 563-9842

Thanks Willie Worthy
williesjeep@blackfoot.net — at Pozega Lakes.