Junk Tire Power Plant

Submitted by tsm1 on Mon, 12/10/2001 - 13:54

From Don:

I am seeing more comments from folks who are starting to wake up to what the
Extreme Environmental community has been doing.

Hopefully more people will start paying attention to what has been going on!!!

The following is from the Sunday edition of the Independent Record in Helena.Junk-tire power

In a few months a small generator will begin operating near Oklahoma City.
While small, it will represent a milestone in environmental protection and
energy conservation. It will run on discarded automobile tires. Junked tires
rarely come to mind as a valuable commodity, let alone a potential energy
source. The process used in this unusual generator is very similar to the
process Holnam would use burning tires at the Trident Cement Plant.

A kiln
will heat the tires to release combustible gases and synthetic oil as an
energy source. The Trident plant would use a similar kiln to use tires as an
energy source to produce cement in a proven method that provides for
environmental protection and energy conservation.

Why then the controversy
over Holnam using discarded tires? Unfortunately, the environmental movement
has become a source of employment for many, necessitating the need for
continuing controversy to ensure their employment. The result means ignoring
such things as using used tires as an energy source, allowing our nation’s
timber to burn instead of selectively harvesting and managing our forests,
and the death of Montana's mining industry. With just a small amount of
imagination, Montana's unemployment problem could be reversed.

William A. Fairhurst
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