_TPSeptember RVP Report

Submitted by tsm1 on Mon, 09/16/2002 - 13:40

_TPThe Frontier 4-Wheelers have been busy since our last writing..._TPThanks to Dennis LaTulip, we had smoked chicken and beef brisket at our last
(September meeting). Loretta Kelly gave us a great presentation on hosting a rally
at the meeting as well. The Misko's have bought a race jeep. Seems as though the
Cascade Rally has placed the racing bug in them =) It's great to see new races.
Everyone had a great time at the Cascade Rally over Labor Day weekend. It was a
first for many of our club members.

Our last trail ride to Leadville on August 24th was a success. Two new rigs made
their debut (Doug's Bronco and Brandon's Blazer). The only damage on the run were
two rear bumpers. It was a beautiful day for topless wheeling.

We are all looking forward to the October delegates meeting in Clancy. Hope to see
you all there.

Michelle, RVP

Leadville Pictures
Labor Day Rally Pictures

Next Club Run - SUNDAY 9/22 up the Powerline Road to the Hogback.