RSS Feed Reader and M4x4A

Submitted by Desmvp1 on Wed, 02/11/2015 - 17:02

I have been wanting to write a how to for all my four wheeling brethren, on how to use an RSS feed reader.

What is it?
Well an RSS reader is a program that will go and fetch updated web pages.

Why would I use it?
I like using it for forums, my other favorite websites and blogs.

How dose it work, in non geek speak?
Basically when new forum thread made or a news feed post is made your RSS feed reader will go and fetch it. Just like your favorite dog sparky will fetch the ball and bring it back to you, so will our friend the RSS Feed reader, But unlike with sparky you get the ball and no slobber. Score for you and the slobber less Rss feed reader. You can keep up with your most active forums and pages.

Below are links to some suggested RSS Feed Readers and More how tos.

Android using google play:…

Iphone and mac using Itunes;



Now with that said, after you install the Rss reader all you have to do is add your favorite wheeling website just copy and past and your ready to go.

I have been using Flym on my android has been working great. Hope this helps.

I have Been using this insted of facebook or other "socal media" because as M4x4A owns its own website. this means as a member of m4x4a you keep ownership of all the contentent shared on m4x4a. as you can read on most if not all "socal media" like facebook once you load it up to their site you loose ownership. you could have all your wheeling photos and the next they could say your acount is no longer avalable to you. we have many diffrent parts of your website avalabel to you and our local clubs. Keep your files and pics safe on m4x4a site. All aspects of m4x4a are open to you, talk to other club members using forums from around the state, upload pics of your club to Photo galary, and even upload trails to the site.

I will be doing more how to's, more indepth and informatave. I hope this has helped some of you to share with the M4x4a your thoughts and keep up with Others from around the state. Please share What you have going on in your wheeling life as we all can learn form each other. You get what you put in so ill be posting more also see you on the site or out wheeling.