PLF releases the top five environmental lies

Submitted by tsm1 on Mon, 04/21/2003 - 17:43

Seattle,WA; April 21, 2003: At a news conference held outside the Seattle office of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Pacific Legal Foundation today released its “Earth Day List of Top Environmental Lies,” providing factual evidence to counter false claims in five major areas.

* Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) Drivers Are Anti-Environment;

* The Endangered Species Act (ESA) Saves Species;

* “Smart Growth” Is Smart;

* President Bush Is Gutting Environmental Protections;
* Environmental Quality Is Declining.

Trail Rides for April

Submitted by Bill on Tue, 04/15/2003 - 14:06

Hello all
Trail rides are set for April 13th and 26th.
The destination for the trips is a mistery but they are meeting at BK in Laurel at 7:30 and Leaving at 8:00.
I will not be able to go on the 13th but probably the 26th.
PS... Just spent a week in MOAB and had an absolute blast. Hopefully a couple of people I was with will post some pictures.

Eureka Mudbog 4/12/03

Submitted by tsm1 on Fri, 04/04/2003 - 18:47

Mud Bogs
April 12th, 2003
2579 Airport Road, Eureka, MT

Registration 8-12, Racing at 1pm.

1ST, 2ND, 3RD
80% Pay Back

Spectators: $5.00 per person
Racing: $20.00 per person, per class


KID’S ages 10-14 no drivers license allowed. $ 5.00 each, An adult must ride.

4&6 Cylinder 33” Tire 3 trucks make a class
Stock 33” Tire DOT approved
Sportsmen A 33” – 35” Tires DOT approved
Sportsmen B 36” –38” Tires DOT approved
Comp Mod 38” –44” Tires
X Open, any fuel allowed, and blowers

For more information contact
Cheryl Nelson 892-5484
Dave Armstrong 889-3010
Jennifer Powel 387-5404

4Wheeler Magazine Club Directory

Submitted by tsm1 on Thu, 03/13/2003 - 13:59

Page 12, April 2003 issue, FourWheeler Magazine
"How can I join a four-wheeling club?"

That’s the question we get asked most frequently here at Four Wheeler, even more frequently than we’re asked, "What lift should I put on my truck?" So we’ve decided to do our best to answer it for everybody who has ever asked. We will publish the most complete guide to four-wheeling clubs that we can compile in an upcoming issue. Making this the most complete guide ever published is where you can help us. Please send us the following information:

FS Proposed Change - Special Use Permits Required for Club Trailrides

Submitted by tsm1 on Tue, 03/11/2003 - 18:36

The basic message is that your Club may be required to obtain a Special Use Authorization to make a run on USFS Roads, potentially demanding all of the requirements employed to mitigate and insure against environment impact, even if the event originates and is staged off the Forest.

*This would likely mean an end to responsible organized family trail-riding*

Comments are needed.

Trail Rides for March 03

Submitted by Bill on Tue, 03/11/2003 - 11:53

Hi All long time no update.(sorry)
We are having 2 trail rides this month.

On the 15th of Mar we are meeting at Laurel BK at 7:30 am and Leaving at 8:00 am. That trip will be to the Priors and we are meeting some people from Powell in Bridger.

The 2nd trip is on sunday the 23rd. We'll meet and leave at the same place in Laurel. Destination to be determined that morning.

These are Family oriented trail rides and guests are Welcome...