Submitted by tsm1 on Mon, 12/10/2001 - 10:41

Date: Sun, 9 Dec 2001 22:48:30 -0500 (EST)
From: Preston Stevens

Hey folks,

Look, I am steadily getting great news from within United.

The most recent stats show a significant rate for growth since the Annual
Convention. This despite the Spetember 11th disaster and unstable economy.

After doing a fine job as Ad Coordinator for United's Voice Joyce
Hillson has past the job to Jim Anderson of the Montana Four Wheel Drive
Association. What is so positive about this, is Jim has done this sort of
thing professionally for years. This is old hat to him. Essentially, he is
an expert in the field.
Both United' Director of Public Relations and the Legislative
Advocate are working hard on programs that will cause United to be an
equal to or stronger in strength than groups like the Sierra Club.

When showed what they have doen so far, i got very excited.

It is really a neat change to attend a BOD meeting where the
bigest concern is how to deal with our high rate of growth and popularity.

Folks are seeking out United from all different angles and
sources. Friends are becoming bigger supporters. Supporters are becoming
hands on involved.

United's 4x4 Awareness program is being seeked out by land
managers and corporate America

Rob St. Clair United's president has taken United to a point once
not thought possible and yet keeps raising the bar.

One needs to not just Join United. But, has to become United to
truly get the full understanding impressive this all is.

Hey, I just could not help it. When things are this good, One has
to blow his horn and share the good news with everyone!