_TPHi-Lift Jackcontinues to keep my business...

Submitted by glocker21 on Thu, 05/02/2002 - 16:18

I continue to be amazed when a company stands behind there product...35 years later !

Hi-Lift jacks that literally last for years !!!I recently purchased a Hi-Lift Fix-It-Kit (FK1) from Champion Auto in Helena. The kit finally arrived and I was off and running to rebuild my worn out 35 year old Hi-Lift Jack.

Much to my shock/concern after I had dissassembled my jack, I found out that the cross pin and the hole in the climbing pin that the cross pin goes into, were different sizes.

A quick call to Hi-Lift jack company in Bloomington Indiana was made.

A very polite (fairly rare these days) lady named Bonnie answered the call and asked how she could be of service, I gave the run down of my problem. Bonnie told me that she was going to put me o­n hold and find an answer for me ( I was amazed...actually positive customer service).

A brief time later she came back o­n and told me that the sales manager had told her that the cross pin had been over chromed or that the hole in the climbing pin was improperly drilled ( WOW ! an actual thought that they had made an error...very rare these days).

Bonnie told me that the sales manager had told her to send me at no charge, a new repair kit that "HE WOULD PERSONALLY CHECK FOR PROPER FIT" ( Be still my heart...standing behind your work to the core !!!).

AMAZING !!! In less than 10 minutes I was assured that the replacement would be o­n its way and for FREE!!!

Yes, friends...I am still a true and loyal Hi-Lift jack owner after 30 years...this just reaffirms my trust in the product they put out.

Jerry (AKA glocker21)
Frontier 4 Wheelers
I strongly suggest you give them a try if you haven't already...I am very pleased...30 yearsof ownership and my jack is still is going strong.

see them o­nline at http://www.hi-lift.com
or give them a call at 1-800-233-2051