June Skyliners report

Submitted by JoeRoss on Sun, 06/09/2002 - 18:57

A Skyliners Hello!

Things here are going quite well. We had a few members go to the Hot Springs Mud Bog / Obstacles over Memorial Day weekend. Congratulations to those who brought home prizes.
The trail ride was fun. The guys had a run by themselves. It was said they sure missed the women not being there. Their tail gate lunch didn't function well! This month promises to be better guys.
The rain here has made life a little soggy. We've tried to do the highway clean-up, but not successfully. We keep trying!
As some of you heard at Convention, the tribal land was going to be posted to what was open and what was closed off. Well, some of that has now started along the river corridor. The main roads are open, but some of the branch off roads have been posted "closed". So, we're going to feel the crunch. We have a couple of members that are trying to get the tribal council to hear us out, about the 4X4 club helping them or if we can do any patrolling or road repairs with them. We must keep trying and hope for the best.
We are planning a trail ride on the 23rd of June. We're going to do the power line road out of Lakeside with Uncle Vic as Captain of the day. We sure hope for some sun, or we might be the 4X4 club with pontoons and paddle tires

See ya 4 wheelers!
Mickie RVP / Sec.