Jennifer (Slagle) Johnson to prosecute bridge jumpers

Submitted by tsm1 on Fri, 07/12/2002 - 10:50

I am proud to announce that Jennifer Johnson, Missoula County Deputy Attorney the daughter of Steve and Deidre Slagle (Rimrock 4x4, Billings, MT); is the prosecuting attorney in the States case against the 7 earthfirst wacko?s that suspended themselves from a logging truck, over a bridge to protest the extraction of burnt timber from Montana?s recent fires.

Despite Jennifer?s heavy case load she still has time to go jeepin?. LET?S HEAR IT FOR JENNIFER!!!!!!

For those of you who know Steve and Deidre, shake their hand and let them know what a fine job they did raising their daughter.

Steve and Deidre are members of the

Rimrock 4x4, Billings MT

Montana 4x4 Assoc

United Four Wheel Drive Assoc

Scott Riebel

Director of Environmental Affairs

United Four Wheel Drive Associations