28th Sept. Tuff Truck

Submitted by RCURRIER on Wed, 08/14/2002 - 14:29

The Bozeman Mountaineers will be hosting a Tuff Truck Competition during Octoberfest at the Gallatin Valley Fair Grounds on the 28th of Sept. Regestration starts at 9:00, racing starts at noon. We will be running across the supercross track so the corse will be very good. There is a 25$ entery fee, but we are paying back 1000$! guarenteed over 2 classes (500 for street and 500 for race).
If you pre-register entery to the fair grounds is free, otherwise you must buy a 6$ Octoberfest button. If anyone has any additional questions feel free to e-mail me at RCurrier@proagdesigns.com.