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For Information Contact:
Paul Turcke 208-331-1807
Bill Dart 800-258-3742 x102

SAN FRANCISCO, CA. In a victory for the U.S. Forest Service and off-highway vehicle ("OHV") advocates, the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals today reversed a lower court decision involving off-highway vehicle ("OHV") access to Montana National Forests. The suit involved Forest Service Wilderness Study Areas created by the Montana Wilderness Study Act of 1977. Originally filed in 1996 by the Montana Wilderness Association and other organizations, the suit claimed that the agency was failing to take action to restrict OHV access and had illegally allowed OHV-friendly trail improvements. The Montana district court granted summary judgment and decided the case in favor of the Wilderness Associations. The Forest Service and access advocacy groups led by the BlueRibbon Coalition appealed the district court decision.

How to Build a Coalition and Save a Recreation Area

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By Del Albright, BlueRibbon Ambassador

I was nodding off with my chin resting on my chest when the meeting speaker suddenly caught my attention. I hate it when that happens – he called out my name and asked me a question. Of course, because I’d been lost in dreams of trails and mountains, I had no clue what the question was. But my neighbor saved me and said, “Give your coalition speech.”

February Delegates Meeting

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The M4X4A Quarterly Delegates meeting will be at Mountain West Bank on February 9th at 10:00 A.M., and NOT at the Lewis and Clark County Library as previously mentioned.

The address is 2021 N. Montana Avenue, Helena MT. (Downstairs)

This is near the intersection of Cedar Street and Montana Avenue. For those coming in on I-15, take the Cedar Street exit and head west. Montana Avenue has a stoplight, with JollyO's gas station on the right, and a carwash on the left.

This is the new bank building that faces Montana Avenue.

Divide Ride 2003

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I don' t have a lot of details, just that the M4x4A Divide Ride is on for 2003 and will be based out of Boulder.

If you have any additional information to add, or requests for assistance, chore list, whatever, I've created an M4x4A members-only discussion forum for Divide Ride Discussion

Tree Run

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Last minute reminder..

Frontier is hunting trees on Saturday, December 7th. Meeting at County Market (Montana and Custer Ave) at 9am and heading towards Ellison. Chili will be provided.

Christmas Party will be next week, Friday the 13th, 6pm, at the Burnside Residence on Ray Road. RSVP to Kathy Gordon ( )

Of Cowboys, Cows and Coalitions

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Of Cowboys, Cows and Coalitions
By Del Albright, BlueRibbon Ambassador

Jesse sat in the old line-shack-turned-cabin, listening to the cows bunching up for the night. The evening air was filled with the smell of kerosene lamps, beans on the potbelly, and cows. He needed no electricity for his entertainment; out in the pine trees, the birds were signing their final goodnight songs.

A Date with a Paper Plate (Pack it in, Pack it out)

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A Date with a Paper Plate
By Del Albright, BlueRibbon Ambassador

There I was, lying in the cupboard, minding my own business like any good napkin, when this paper plate starts coming on to me. Oh, she was cute all right, all decked out in flowers and looking good. But like any single male napkin, I played hard to get and not interested.

Blueribbon - Election Day

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There are only four days left before the elections. Off highway recreationists have
a tremendous stake in this election and a definite opportunity to affect the
outcome. But only if we get involved.

November Club Meeting

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Hello all,
Our next Club Meeting scheduled for 6 Nov at 7:30pm will be held at the Hardees, 2615 10th Ave South. There is a playground there if you want to bring the little ones along. We will have the enclosed room in the front for our meeting. Plan on a dinner and meeting combo so no one will have to cook or do dishes. Everyone bring your 4x4 and maybe some people driving on 10th Ave might stop by just to see what all the 4x4s are doing in the parking lot. Email me at for more information.