Our National Forests: Why are there so many closed signs?

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(Note: This is an Excellent, fact-filled and well-researched, that explains succinctly why "environmental" agendas are Trojan Horses. OSVs -- Over the Snow Vehicles -- are not detrimental to national forests or private land. Please share widely with anyone who recreates! Don't snowmobile or use motorized recreation? Just wait ... this agenda will come to your form of recreation, sooner or later!)

January 2, 2006

By Dave Hurwitz daveh-wa@snowmobile-alliance.org

Snowmobile Alliance of Western States



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Hearing PDF

To All FFOR Members and all Off-Highway Vehicle groups:

On December 2, U.S. Senator Conrad Burns will be holding U.S. Senate hearings in Missoula. The focus of these hearings is to determine the future of public access to public lands, based on recent proposals by the USFS and BLM to shut down significant percentages of trails to motorized vehicle use.

It is difficult to describe just how important it is to attend these hearings in Missoula. We have worked long and hard to seek government oversight into how the Forest Service and BLM are ignoring the people who actually use public lands (us), and approving plans by extreme environmentalist groups whose members rarely set foot on these lands.

US Sen. Conrad Burns will hold a Field Hearing to gather info

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and discuss the forest plan revision process.

When: Friday, December 2, 2005 – 10:30 a.m.
Where: University of Montana – College of Technology
Health and Business Building Room 01
909 South Avenue West
Missoula, MT 59801

MISSOULA – U.S. Senator Conrad Burns (R-Mont.) today announced that he will
be holding a field hearing in Missoula to gather information and discuss
the forest plan revision process in Region One of the Forest Service.
Burns, who is Chairman of the Senate Interior Appropriations Subcommittee,
has several concerns about how this process is moving forward. The hearing
will be open to the public, and Burns encourages all interested parties to

Frontier's Annual Christmas Tree Hunt

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Frontier 4-Wheelers invites everyone to our annual Christmas Tree Run, Saturday, 12/3/2005.

With the sale of FS Tree Permits in question thanks to a federal ruling, Chris Lamping has graciously offered up a private stand of trees in the McClellan Creek area, in the Elkhorns, near Montana City.

We'll meet at the old County Market, behind McDonalds, at 9am, with another meet-up in Montana City for anyone living too far south of town. Estimate the Montana City meet at 9:30 or so.

There's one stream crossing that could be a challenge for longer vehicles, but the event should still be suitable for the stock family SUV - and if your Subaru isn't quite up to the last leg of the trip, I'm sure someone can find a spare seat or make a second round trip.

Chris said there are sledding spots, a fire ring, etc so bring the kids n' their sleds - won't be much for challenging wheeling, but we'll have a good time bench racing.

No one at the meeting was prepared to make enough chili for everyone, so we went to Plan B, borrowed from the Mountaineers.

Everyone bring a can or two of chili. We'll have a couple of big pots, and we'll see what happens.

We may yet wind up with some volunteers to brew a batch of chili - if that's the case, we can all take our cans home and eat 'em another day.

Bring along a little something else to share, and we'll have a regular banquet!

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Thanks again, Chris!